Success Stories

The following cases, newspaper stories and executive commentaries provide substantial testimony of the effectiveness of Gold Standard Managing. Experience has shown that these positive outcomes are indeed reliable, i.e. they predictably result when the model is applied. In organization development terms the change model must prove itself both valid and reliable, and this proof is at hand. Leaders can trust that this stuff works.


Here are a number of brief vignettes, glimpses of dynamic change environments. What you will find in the following is not perfection, but dramatic improvement in organization functioning. The costs of GSM are negligible, the ROI extremely high, and change effectiveness rapid. It's true—changing management input radically changes organization output.

Case 1: Congratulations to Goshen Health System (IN) for achieving:

Case 2: An email from Shannon Health (San Angelo, TX) shows a worst-to-first story of what happened with their use of GSM. Powerful!

Case 3: Trinity Hospital (Chicago) went from lowest to highest rated performer in the Advocate Health System. And here are Supplemental Stats showing how ideation impacted morale improvement. Wow!

Case 4: Holy Cross Hospital (Chicago). This is the complete case study presented nationally of one of the most interesting turnarounds in hospital management. Holy Cross was one of the first to use GSM correctly and it became a classic example, an early beacon of how dramatic changes could be even in the most troubled organizations. Here are Supplemental Stats that relates how Associate ideation immediately impacted Customer satisfaction and profitability. Unfortunately, subsequent management systematically reversed these earlier changes and the hospital is now many millions in debt—this example on both sides of the question is significant.

Case 5: Congrats to Bronson Health for winning the Baldridge Prize (2006) and Top 100 status (2005). Where are all the other hospitals in the Baldridge sweepstakes?

Newspaper Reports

The business press gives another perspective on GSM effectiveness:

Executive Commentaries

The following represent leaders perspectives on leading widescale organization change:

Ultimately the question isn't what have others done,
but what can we do, right here, right now, in our own shop?