Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q. Is GSM a panacea?  A. No.  Implementing GSM internally does not prevent the difficult external world from buffeting the organization.  However, getting control of the organization with GSM means that the organization will be better able to weather the storms.

  2. Q. Is GSM the same as perfection management?  A. No. While GSM incorporates the ideas of perfection management, it is broader than perfection management.  That subset of the quality movement pushes beyond six sigma and is advocated at places like Lexus and Motorola.  While the term is catchy, it’s a little hard to use in healthcare due to customer perceptions.

  3. Q. Is GSM synonymous with evidence-based management? A. Not exactly, but close. Certain practices have results-evidence and are considered best, but a causal relationship may not have been established.

  4. Q. Does GSM become the new mantra or dogma, closing off future experimentation? A: No.  GSM becomes the new floor in terms of a set of defined standards and procedures, thus closing off ineffective approaches in management.  It is a system open to evolving and elevating standards.

  5. Q. Can individual managers practice GSM in the absence of a GSM team approach? A. Absolutely yes. While the absence of similar thinking housewide makes things more difficult, GSM is likely to favor career advancement for the practitioner.