Gold Standard Management
Key to High Performance Hospitals

It’s a simple equation:

High-Performing Management = High-Performance Hospital

Your management team is the backbone of your hospital. Achieving operational excellence is impossible if even a few leaders are ineffective.

Raise the performance of the entire management team with Gold Standard Management (GSM.) The GSM model will help you eliminate poor managerial performance by establishing organization-wide standards for all leaders. Worried that standardizing management practices will diminish creativity? In fact, it has the opposite effect. Standardization eliminates confusion and reduces conflict. It frees leaders to focus on operational excellence and create innovative solutions to problems.

Eliminate mediocre management in your organization. This 80 page Executive Essentials series book describes key habits and management techniques used by successful healthcare leaders. Build from these best practices to identify the management behaviors that will work best in your organization. Learn how to use the GSM model to not only develop standardized management objectives, but implement them at your organization. The book includes strategies for managing change and for holding leaders accountable for poor performance. Use GSM to clear the way for hard-working but results-poor leaders to make significant improvements in operations, profitability, and customer satisfaction. $14.95.

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Gold Standard Management

Book Contents

What You'll Find In
Gold Standard Management
The Key to High Performance Hospitals


Chapter 1 The New Opportunity to Excel

What Is Gold Standard Management? • The Standards
Revolution • Benefits of Gold Standard Management

Chapter 2 Deconstruction and Reinvention

The Deconstruction Requirement • Scheduled Reinvention
• Is Healthcare Management a Profession?


Chapter 3 Organization Firepower and Targets

A Model for a High-Performance Hospital • Defining Targets
That Really Matter

Chapter 4 The Effectiveness Prescription

Winners and Losers in Management • What Makes a Manager
Effective? • 12 Key Habits for Results • Prescriptions for

Chapter 5 A System for Winning

Playing to Win • MANSYS: A Management System Example
• Checklist for Management System Implementation

Chapter 6 The Gold Standard Management Audit

What Needs Review? • Auditing Performance Results
• Examining Upstream Management Processes • Reward
Results to Drive Change


Chapter 7 Building Managerial Muscle

Why Develop Leaders? • Implementing a Commando College
• Intensify Knowledge Management

Chapter 8 Acres of Diamonds

Finding Your Treasure • Releasing Intellectual Capital
• Turning on the Change Machine • Summing Up

Appendix: The Leader’s Credo

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