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Our Books — Directly tied to best management practices.

Gold Standard Management. The key to high performance hospitals is how they're managed. Gold Standard Management maps out the management approaches that produce winning organization results. Improve your managers and team functioning with evidence-based approaches in order to achieve better business outcomes. More Info. $14.95.

Raising Standards in American Health Care. The next wave in the revolution will be the upgrading of all work processes to universal standards represented by best practices, AND the standardization of technologies and procedures. Use it for simultaneous management team building and organization performance improvement. More Info. $39.

Creating the New American Hospital. A landmark book. One reviewer wrote: "Dr. Sherman is the 'Jack Welch' of the Hospital Industry—he offers a terrific approach and identifies the need to totally change how hospitals are run, based on seven Key Result Areas. This should be required reading for every CEO and department head in every American hospital." More Info. $39.


Total Customer Satisfaction. The how-to guide that covers all the bases for driving up healthcare customer satisfaction. Specific tasking and techniques that produce measurable change rapidly. Used by the highest rated hospitals, validated in actual field practice, and the kind of material you can get your hands around. More Info. $39.

From Losers to Winners: Managing the Problem Employee. The "gold standard", this book has sold more copies on this subject than any other according to the American Management Association. Gives the how-to's to turn around "marginals", and easily and smoothly remove "firables." Advice given here helps managers with their "toughest tasks." More Info. $22.

Managerial Performance & Promotability. A real world orientation for newer and upwardly mobile managers. Explores the twin areas of what must be accomplished by way of performance, and the political and unwritten rules governing promotability. A genuine guide to what it takes to be successful in the management job. More Info. $12.

Make Yourself Memorable––Winning Strategies To Influence Others. In life and in management, its all about persuasion and influence. How to get others to go along is made clear with both a seven step conceptual framework and dozens of examples that will make people remember and like you. A memorable read! More Info. $14.

Management Library

BizBuilder Idea: Management Library. "Leaders are Readers." A proven idea is the creation of an in-house management library of books, and audio programs for those with lengthy drive times. Assign X number of books to be covered per year as part of a manager's recertification. A further approach would be to do a one paragraph prescription gleaned from the material that that manager feels would benefit his team to which it is emailed. Yield: A tremendous uplift in management literacy.

To get you started here are some books by others that we like and are old school "core" management reading. These books are handled offsite at Amazon.

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