Audio Programs

Many of the following programs have both a free MP3 Version that can be downloaded here, and a chargeable Product Version that can be supplied on CD/DVDs. Content is the same. Audio files can be downloaded from this page. Go here for more Help with downloading.

Biz Builder Idea: Use drive time to push your career forward! Audio CDs and podcasts are perfect for leaders with little time to read. The following all feature Dr. Clay Sherman live in national telecasts or professional studio appearances.

The Uncommon Leader Keynote. Presented at Dr. Clay Sherman's induction into the Healthcare Management Hall of Fame with introduction by friend Quint Studer. An hour of inspiration. Available as a free mp3 in .zip file (25mb).

Product Version. 1 CD, 1 hour, $10 US

The Uncommon Leader Audio Series.This mp3 audio series, dubbed a mini MBA, covers a complete range of topics useful to improving managerial performance. This full range of topics is one way to get your entire team on the same wavelength! Approx 6 hours, free, files are 20-50mb. Available below to download free. The series is companion to TUL Course Materials.

Product Version. 4 CD set, 6 hours, $50 US

Strategies for Stress Free Living. This mp3 audio series was produced with a management audience in mind and includes a number of worklife examples. However, the principles of stress management apply in all situations, and the prescriptions and techniques are applicable to the wider arena of human living. Available below to download free.