Change Drivers

By their nature, organizations continually decay and obsolesce requiring both maintenance and revitalization to stay in prime operating condition. The following represents both an approach to organizing this work along with operating plans for implementation.

Change Drivers — Roles and tasks for those leading change and changing culture.

Organizing Your Change Drivers

The organization for change managing renewal efforts is explained below. The action guide, Organizing Revolution, has sections for each group represented below and contains detailed operating instructions. And the New American Hospital Checklist is the master plan of the work to be done by these groups.

Building the Management Machine

The Management Machine is an action guide to reorient manager authorities and streamline policies affecting managerial freedom of action has a series of assigned tasks. These are usually done by the Vision Council or MAC. This guide provides the how-to's for creating an infrastructure that will promote & manage massive amounts of directed & desired change in the organization. Complete with job descriptions for change masters, characteristics of most successful candidates & challenges to be prepared for in a changing organization. This guide creates the organization infrastructure necessary to assure that specific, desired change occurs. More info.