Manage Results

Eventually, all planning must deteriorate into work!—Peter Drucker

Implementing Gold Standard Management presents the perfect opportunity to organize needed work around the Key Results Areas (KRAs). The KRAs are High Customer Satisfaction, High Quality, Low Cost, and Best People. A task group of 4-5 managers is organized for each KRA, and under the model presented here, those groups report for communication purposes to the Management Action Council (alternately they could report to some other operating executive). Experience shows that these largely free functioning groups are charged with implementing, directly or through others, a concentrated tactical plan as explained below.

Experience has shown that simply delegating this change agenda to existing corporate units (people stuff to HR, cost stuff to Finance) is ineffective. It is placing a bet that what has not produced stellar results in the past will somehow magically work this time. The paradox of change is to really achieve high performance you must do other than what is being done now. The discomfort this brings is temporary and much is to be gained by going outside the boxes of the existing organization chart!

Managing Key Results to achieve measured stretch goals and standards.

Once established, the change groups need to know where they are going in terms of your expectations and help with some ideas of what to do to get there.

Set Goals & Measures in Place

"If you don't know where you're going, you're likely to end up someplace else." Management must set destinations, always with dates for arrival, and figure out how to measure progress toward or away from these targets. This elemental need is often unprovided in floundering organizations. Go to Goals & Measures for ideas that can help get this job done.

KRA Action Plans

Once the organization figures out who will be on the KRA steering groups, and what they are expected to do, the next step is to create a tactical or operations plan that outlines the work for each KRA. Go to KRA Management to get started.