Key Results Management

What is it that management must accomplish? Sometimes referred to as Pillars,the proper nomenclature is Key Result Areas, or KRAs. It is work done in these areas that is essential to business success; left undone the organization languishes and dies. Insufficient work in the KRAs is precisely why healthcare lacks high performance. Effective management is not about working hard, putting in long hours, and having a good attitude. Management is about getting the right things done.

To assist leaders get up and running we have compiled a suggested list of practices that have proven to increase results in each area. Use these as a starting point, adding in other ideas and blending them into the overall change agenda.

KRA Change Modules

KRA Change Modules are self-directed toolsets of specific work tasks to do in transforming a healthcare organization into a peak performer. While each manual can be implemented separately, they are designed to work in tandem to cover the entire gamut of improvement needs. This is the work that must be done if the organization is to improve.

Each manual is currently online at no charge and contains full instructions for usage, along with all necessary work forms for paper or computer usage.* Learn from the best practice masters in each of the following critical areas:

Biz Builder Idea: Organizations that have already instituted substantial renewal efforts often use GSM Toolsets as an auditing device, meticulously checking through each task to verify they've forgotten nothing in their drive for excellence. One thing is certain: An organization without detailed and lengthy plans for how to achieve High Satisfaction, High Quality, Low Cost, and Best People isn't being run by professional managers.

  1. High Satisfaction: Total Customer Satisfaction. From the people who created the #1 rated hospital nationally in Customer Satisfaction. 40 Task Arenas will help you create immediate improvements in your Customer Satisfaction ratings. Tasks, and the step by step procedures to accomplish them, are properly sequenced, fully described, and many samples included. More info.
  2. High Quality: Creating High Quality. 35 specific task areas that build greater quality into critical aspects of operations & improve total organization performance in clinical & non clinical areas; re-engineering in a self-directed format. A must for quality, management engineering, and COO professionals. More info.

  3. Low Cost: Profit Discovery & Value Creation. How to reduce cost without cutting jobs. Hundreds of thousands bankable dollars lie hidden in the operations of your organization. Through these tasks you'll uncover & discover neglected profits, identify areas of waste, waits, weak contracts & wrong decisions. Includes 40 Tasks. More info.

    Best People: Growing People & Becoming the Employer of Choice. People in your organization are potentially its greatest assets, also its greatest liabilities if not managed correctly, and always its greatest expense. Learn how to make changes that will unleash innovation, reward performance, attract & retain the best, & build the future of the organization. 40 specific Tasks included.  More info.