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Contrarian Edge

My column, Contrarian Edge, runs periodically in Inside Healthcare, and other places reporting on what real leaders are doing to run better hospitals. We pledge that our efforts will be outside the proverbial box.

Idea: Use these one pagers as a monthly Leadership Letter with a cover from your CEO.

Other Opinions in Modern Healthcare

Two issues are central to understanding American hospitals often mediocre performance: inadequate leadership and a lack of meaningful standards.

Where are the leaders? A core theme surrounding the question of healthcare poor organization performance has consistently revealed an anemic management approach that consistently undermines the good performance of other health professions. Wrong People For the Job.

Where are workable standards? In times past under different leadership I was disappointed with accrediting agencies standards process for 3 major reasons:

  1. They basically didn't get management—instead of setting objectives and deadlines, they turned to micromanaging what hospitals did.
  2. They wasted millions of dollars by mandating programs that resulted in failure after failure. Many of these programs, like TQM and quality circles, lurched from one good idea to another without understanding how to weave these elements into an organization's cultural fabric
  3. Even worse in the past, these standards setters were enunciators of minimalism, the minimum requirements needed to pass—philosophically far afield from what excellence is all about.